REVIEW: Collection, Contour Kit. Highlight & Sculpt.

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With almost every Makeup brand bringing out a contour kit, my Stash as grown somewhat. So when I spotted this one from Collection, the brand famous for their budget friendly long lasting concealer, I had to ask my self do I really I need another contour kit? This came in at just under £3 so of course the answers was YES!
In true contour style the kit contains a powder bronzer and powder highlighter. The products are presented in sleek black packaging. There’s also diagram on the back to showing where to highlight and where to contour, which is a plus for those new to contouring.
The bronze shade is slightly more on the warm side, which I prefer. I find cooler tones don’t work as well on me. The contour shade has good pigmentation but not too much, which is good for those who have a heavy hand. Crazy dark lines over the face is never a good look. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to blend, and wasn’t chalky like, which I find some bronzers on the lower price end can be. I like to apply this with the seventeen powder and blush brush. Its small enough to fit perfectly into the hallows of cheeks.

The highlight shade gives the perfect candlelit glow. Its not out there, like crazy disco ball, applied to much highlighter look! Its just a lovely champagne toned highlight, again this was easy apply and blend.

Overall, I love this kit and have been using it everyday since I brought it! Its perfect for those new to contouring. It left me with the perfect chiselled cheek look that the Kardashians would be proud of! For the price you can’t really go wrong.

The kit is available here (currently on offer for £2.79).

Until next time…

Leanne xxx