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It’s no secret that Huda Beauty’s eyeshadows are One of my favourite formulas ever. And the palettes I do have the formula is really consistent. But for some reason I never owned the original Rose Gold palette. In hindsight I’m glad because she re-launched it. Which brings me to my review today.

Although, I will say I’m in two minds about the relaunch because she said the palette was being discontinued months before there was any mention of reformulation which I thought was a bit underhanded of her. Then there was the drama of the swatching palette but I always thought that brands edit and manipulate the look of swatches so I personally wasn’t bothered by this. But drama aside I was still excited to try the remastered palette. So let’s get into the review.

Ordering and Delivery

I will say I was actually sent this by Cult Beauty. But I have brought from Cult Beauty more times than a care to admit! Their delivery is always super quick and their customer service is brilliant.


The palette costs £56, the same price as the Desert Dusk which is on the more expensive end of the palette price scale but you do get 18 shades. And the Desert Dusk palette is well worth its price tag. So if this palette performs the same I do think it is worth the price.

The Packaging

The Rose palette had a clear lid and no mirror. The remastered One comes with a mirror and is no longer see through. It’s actually really similar to the Desert dusk. I have no complaints about the packaging it seems sturdy and looks nice.

The Product

Now the important part, the shadows themselves. The palette houses 18 shadows in 4 different textures –  Matte, melted, a wet and dry Black and highlighting pressed pearl. I never tried the original palette so I’m not sure how the new formula compares but I know some people had issues with the textured eyeshadows. The mattes in this palette are incredibly soft. They don’t feel powderery at all. Neither do they have` a grittiness to them, which I find quite common in matte shades. The shimmers in this palette, or melted metals as Huda likes to call them are like nothing I’ve tried before (in a good way) they are so creamy. They’re like creamy eyeshadows and so pigmented. The shades are:
Dubai – This is a deep Gold with a warm Olive undertone. It’s also got Gold sparkles in it. It is really pretty, it makes a lovely lid colour.
Fling – is Cranberry Reddish Pink colour with a shimmer finish. This swatches beautifully and looks stunning all over the lid.
Trust Fund – this is one of my favourite shades of the palette. It’s a really pretty, warmed toned Copper colour with a shimmer finish. It looks stunning all over the lid. It’s also really pigmented although I found you get the best colour payoff when applied with the fingers.
Rose Gold – is a medium Pink colour with a shimmer finish. This isn’t a shade I really reach for but to swatch this does seem a little more sheer than the other colours in the palette.
Pink Diamond – Is a Mauvey colour which a Silver shimmer to it. This is so pigmented.
24k –  this is a dirty Gold colour with a shimmer finish. I really like this shade and it works surprisingly well with my skin tone. I like to use this all over the lid.
Risqué – is a cool toned muted Plum shade with a matte finish. This is so soft and pigmented. It blends really easily to. I like to wear this on the outer v or in the crease if I’m feeling something bolder.
Doll Face – is a matte, medium bright Pink colour. This is really pretty and swatches well but this isn’t a shade I’d get much use out of.
Demure – is a soft Mauvey Pink colour. It blends with ease and works well in the crease.
#Blessed – I love the name of this and the shade is so pretty. It’s a warm toned medium Copper colour with a shimmer finish. I love this all over the lid. It’s so pigmented and so creamy.
Moon Dust – this is the only classic powder finish shimmer. But it is still so pigmented and applies like a dream. The shade itself is a gorgeous Champagne Gold colour. It makes a really nice bold highlighter or works well all over the lid.
Bubbly – Is a really pretty pale Bronze colour. Again this works really well over the lid.
Black Truffle – this is a matte Black shade that can be used wet or dry. I’ve not actually used this wet because I don’t have a need to. But dry I really like this. It blends well to create a smokey look but still has enough pigment to use a liner. I don’t notice any fall out with this either.
Suede – is a matte Taupe colour. This is really pigmented yet easy to blend. It works well in the crease.
Coco – this is one of my favourite shades. It’s a medium to dark warmed toned Brown with Red undertones. I love this in the crease. It’s pigmented, easy to blend and layers well with other colours.
Maneater – The bottom row is where it’s at for me in this palette. Maneater is another shade I love. It’s a warm toned Red colour. I use it to warm up the entire look and blow out the shades a little more.
Henna – This is the kind of Brown shade I love. It’s a warm toned, matte Brown that works with almost any other colours and lid colours. It applies easily and blends out with ease.
Sandalwood – is another light warm toned brown. It makes a brilliant transistion colour. It blends well and works with the other shades in the palette.
I’ve had no issue with wear time with any of the shadows. They’ve all lasted really well on me. Overall, I really like this palette. Granted there are a few shades I wont use but the majority I will and love the mix of colours here. I will say that some of the shimmer shades do apply better with a finger rather than a brush but that doesn’t offend me. I definitely think this palette is worth the price. In terms of formula and shade range I don’t have anything like this in my collection.
The Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered* is available from Cult Beauty (£56)
Have you tried this palette? What are your thoughts?
Until next time…