The One Haircare Product Your Routine is Missing – OUAI Memory Mist

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Haircare is where my beauty passion was born. I have super thick, dry, curly hair and when I was a teenager I hated it! So I went on a mission to tame my unruly locks. I’ve tried pretty much every type of hair care out there – serums, sprays, powders, leave in conditioners. But I’ve never tried anything like this before.

The OUAI memory mist is an essential multi tasking heat protectant spray that extends your style. Yes – extends your style. Less styling, longer in bed, less damage – sounds too good to be to true! I’ve been putting it to the test and I assure you that this is as good as it sounds!

It works by using Memory Polymers and it protects the hair up to 450 degrees. All you have to do is spray evenly through sections of damp hair prior to blow drying and heat styling. Now, I’ve seen this tested on curls and waves (with excellent long lasting results), but like I said my hair is naturally curly and waves is my go to style, I don’t have an issue with holding that style. Keeping it straight is where I struggle! If I straighten my hair it will go curly at the roots overnight and looks frizzy throughout the day. It just doesn’t really work for me. Plus it takes me a good hour to straighten my hair.! And I have tried most things that promise to tame frizz and keep hair straight, none have really lived up to what I wanted.

Anyway, on to the testing. The First time I tried this I used it as directed (sprayed through damp hair) and blow dried it as straight as I could possibly get it, then went over it with straighteners. The first thing I noticed was how smooth my hair was, without feeling heavy or full of product. I gave my hair a little curl under because I wanted to see how well it would hold and then went to bed as usual. When I woke I checked my hair. And normally the roots around the front of my hair have little chinks in it. But it was still straight! And the ends were still flicked under. I’m not going to lie, it look slept on. But once I’d brushed it through it looked perfect! It stayed straight throughout the day too!

The second day I woke up and the same thing, it just needed a brush through! And the same on the third day. I normally wash my hair every 3 days but for the purpose of reviewing this I wanted to see if it lasted a 4th. And to my surprise it did!

I’m so shocked this actually works. I mean, I love OUAI as a brand (see this post) but this really did sound too good to be true. Even though I don’t have an issue keeping my hair wavy I’ve still been using this because it helps tame frizz and it protects from heat.

In terms of measuring heat protection I think that’s difficult to tell but it’s better to be safe than sorry! But overall, no matter what your hair type is or how you style it, if you’re busy or lazy, or just want something to keep your hair straight, like me, I’m sure you will love this too.

Congratulations Jen – you are genius!

OUAI Memory Mist is available from Cult Beauty 2nd September.

Will you be picking this up? What are your thoughts?

Until next time…