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Ouai has been causing quite a stir in the blogging community, especially with their dry shampoo! I was kindly sent a bundle of their goodies and it’s safe to say the brand is definitely worth noting…

Ouai Curl Shampoo* | £22

Products aimed at curly hair is not something I usually go for. I do have curly hair but I’ve gone for products to straighten them out, rather than embracing them so I was a little worried about how this would work with my hair and I was pleasantly surprised. The shampoo is packed with hydrating ingredients so that cleansing the hair doesn’t leave it dry and frizzy. It lathers well and left my hair feeling super clean without being stripping.

Ouai Curl Conditioner* | £20

Along side the shampoo I have the matching Conditioner which like the shampoo has all the hydrating properties us curly haired girls need. The consistency of the conditioner is quite thick for a regular conditioner but I love this! It can be left on for a couple of extra minutes to really nourish the hair too. This is such a great conditioner it left my hair hydrated and soft without weighing it down at all! It doesn’t prevent movement or bounce at all but still gives the hair shine and leaves it soft!

Ouai Hair Oil* | £24

Having dry, frizzy thick hair I’m always on the look at for a good hair oil and I think I have found the best one I’ve tried to date. Yes, the best! This is far better than the famous Moroccan oil, which really weighed my hair down and left it feeling gross. This is completely different. It’s so hydrating, smoothing, nourishing – everything I want in an oil. A few drops and my frizzy hair is instantly tamed, my split ends look better and my hair is so much easier to brush. It can be used on wet or dry hair. I think this would be good for all types because it’s weightless on the hair. Definitely one to check out.

Ouai Wave Spray* | £23

Wave-y hair is my go to hair style but I don’t normally need any help from products to achieve this or get texture in my hair, and anything texturising I tend to avoid just purely because my hair is so thick and frizzy it makes it impossible to brush. I’ve tried various ‘salt sprays’ in my time too and all have left my hair dry and crispy so I put off trying this for ages but like the shampoo I was pleasantly surprised! I put off washing my hair for days and with all the oils and hydrating products it can start to look flat and just not great. This is where this product comes in! It gives my waves life again. And a huge plus, I didn’t find this overly drying. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling crispy or stiff either. Another firm favourite. If you have fine, flat hair I think you would really like this!

Overall I’m really happy with everything I’ve tried so far. There wasn’t one dud. Ouai have a range for pretty much every type too. The brand is definitely one to check out.

Have you tried anything from Ouai? What are your thoughts?

Until next time…