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Deciem, the umbrella brand of Niod, The Ordinary and Hylamide, plus many more, really is the brand everyone is talking about at the moment. With effective, science driven formulas that really deliver results, it’s no wonder everyone is going crazy from them. I’ve been testing a few of their latest releases and I’m ready to report back.

Hylamide Pore Flush* | £13

This spray promises to tighten and reduce pore size by stopping Sebum from gathering in the pores and making them seem bigger. Now I didn’t really have overly large pores, but I want my skin to look as smooth as possible, so I was super intrigued by this! I’ve been using morning and evening on my freshly cleansed face before any other skincare, as directed. And  I have to say I’m really impressed by this. I don’t think it has really made a huge difference in my pore size but skin looks brighter and just better since I’ve been using this. It has a really nice scent as well and feels really refreshing on the skin. Plus the price of this is really good too!

The Ordinary Retinol 2% in Squalane* | £7.80

The Ordinary is the brand on everyones lips. They offers highly effective ingredients at low cost, alongside a no frills ethos that could mis-lead consumers. They recently launched a few new Retinols – Granactive Retinols (see this post for more details on retinols and their uses) which are just as effective in fighting the signs of ageing but this version won’t irritate the skin. I have the 2% in Squalene. I hadn’t had much success with the original retinol treatment from The Ordinary but I’m really surprised by this new offering. From the first use I could see a difference in my skin. It looked more refined and felt smoother. I’ve been using this every 2 days in the evening before any other skincare and my skin has really made an improvement. The dehydration lines on my forehead have finally started going! I will say though the first few times I used this I did get a few blackheads around the outside of my face, but I think this is normal from a retinol treatments. Overall, I’m so happy with this, I think I’m going to get the stronger one next!

EUK 134 0.1%* | £6.90

Alongside the Retinols The Ordinary released a few antioxidants which are a well known, powerful ingredient. The EUK 134 in particular has the ability to fight free radicals, eliminate hydrogen peroxide and converts reactive oxygen into water and oxygen. I think I’m not the only one in thinking I don’t want Hydrogen Peroxide on my skin so this is a welcome addition to my skincare line up. It has an oil like consistency so I like to use it as part of my evening skincare. To be honest I haven’t noticed any immediate effects that I can link to this product in particular but since incorporating all 3 of these products into my routine my skin looks significantly better. Plus, with this kind of product it’s difficult to see immediate effects, I haven’t had any adverse reactions so I will continue using it. I’m also going to invest in some of their other antioxidants.

The Ordinary have a guide to how and when to apply their products that I really recommend checking (here) to ensure you get the most from their products!

Have you tried any of these? What are you thoughts?

Until next time…